Even more automatic chicken waterer

PVC pipe chicken waterer

Randall’s waterer was a
close runnerup in the
of our 2012
photo contest

Since he explains the system so well, I’ll let him describe it for you:

Self-filling chicken waterer“I wanted to build a nearly zero
maintenance watering system for my new chicken area. This is what I
came up with.

“There are six water nipples set in a 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe. The pipe is
connected to the tank with a flexible washing machine hose. This allows
me to adjust the height of the system as the chicks grow.

“Inside the tank is a simple toilet
tank filler
, which is attached to a dedicated water line. When the
tank drops below a specific line, it automatically fills back up.

“It is kept in the shade, so the
water never gets too warm. I can also dump ice into the tank to give
the birds nice cold water on those extra hot days here in Arizona. The
cold water is more dense and sinks down to the watering tube.

Chickens drinking“I have been running this system
for 2 months now, and have not had to do anything to it except check to
make sure everything is working correctly. This system has worked
flawlessly for my flock of 20.

“The other hoses in the picture are
part of the automatic high pressure misting system.”

I especially like
Randall’s notes on adding ice and having the cold water sink to the
bottom.  It’s been a very hot summer here too and I’ll bet our
girls would have enjoyed that treat!  Thanks for sharing, Randall.

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