Easy-fill chicken waterer

Easy-fill chicken watererRobert McGowen won first
prize in the Ingenious Chicken Waterer category of our
for his no-perch
chicken waterer

Second place went to Renee Corrigan for her modification of our
chicken waterer
which I’ll let her describe in her own words:

“I did not want to go in the coop all the
time to add water so I came up with this idea . It is very simple but
very useful.  I bought some lengths of clear tubing to fit in the
pitcher lid.  It goes from the top of the lid out the side of the
cage wire into the bottom of a funnel. 

Screened funnel“At first, that was the design
but they immediately started getting debris in the pitchers so we added
a small piece of screen.  It fits into the tubing and the funnel
holds it in place.  The funnel is attached to the cage wire with a
small S hook.  All supplies are readily available at a
home improvement store for a few

“Hope you like my idea!  We love
your waterers!”

Funnel-filled waterer

The runners-up in this
category need a bit more space, so they’ll get posts of their own next
week.  So keep reading…and don’t forget to keep your camera
handy in preparation for next year’s contest!

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