Should I ferment our chicken feed

chickens eating fermented chicken feed

The Urban
Chicken Podcast
has a
thought provoking episode on fermenting store bought chicken feed to
increase the nutritional content which also helps digestion.

We have not tried this method
yet, but it sounds like an easy and cheap way to increase the health
and vitality of your flock. Step one would be to fill a 5 gallon bucket
with the amount of food you normally hand out. Don’t use
metal…plastic or glass works best. Soak and re-soak the feed until
it’s saturated with good water. Step 2 is to keep a couple of inches of
water on the top to keep out air. Step 3 would be to wait a few days
and do your own taste test to see how your chickens take to it. Leave a
small amount in the bottom to help the next batch get going if you
choose to continue the experiment.

Listen to the whole episode
for deeper information. She actually interviews two different people,
both with real world experience on fermenting feed for chickens. Image
credit goes to Leigh Edwards.
Please leave a comment if you have
any experience fermenting feed for chickens.

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