Another bird bath deicer chicken waterer

Heated chicken bucket watererI have also had good luck
with the bucket or
. The one
pictured is in an outdoor area where my ducks live. I use a smaller
bucket than the main waterer in the coop and have had no problems with
it. I can easily dump it out and refill it with a watering can. I do
put a little oxine in all the water at this time of year, and I do wash
them out thoroughly at least once a week.  The water has some
poultry vitamin in it so it looks a little brown….I will try to
photograph the ducks with it. They were out in the ice storm…they
love the weather!!

I don’t have
instructions for building my little system because it’s pretty straight
forward…. but its just a matter of drilling holes and adding the
nipples, sealing with some silicone (which may or may not be necessary)
and making a hanger with a chain. I then add a bucket deicer (and I
would agree with
woman who said to remove the spring around the cord to prevent rust
) add a chain and extension
cord and voila!

Bucket deicer to keep chicken water from freezingI would caution people to be
very careful when cleaning these to not set them down on the nipples. I
actually hang mine from the picket fence and hose them out when the
hose is unfrozen….or I carefully lay them on their side in the
bathtub and scrub them. I add a little oxine to keep bacteria from the
water as directed on the label…but its a tiny amount.

and thats that.

Hope all is well with
you…we have had so much weather, which I dont mind…I only mind the
cold cold…and during that time the nipples froze, even with the
heater inside…I just had to go out and tap them a bit to loosen the
water collected in the nipple itself. Actually, the ducks could have
done it themselves, but I was concerned because that kind of cold takes
so much energy for them that I want to be sure that they are well
hydrated and fed.

—Melina Brown

Want to build your own heated
chicken waterer?  Start with one of our
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The heated waterer
we use in our own coop requires two buckets,
three foot length of pipe heating cable
($23), and the contents of
our kit.  With a layer of
, the
waterer is good down into the teens.

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