Recommended Chicken Products

We’ve kept chickens for over a decade, and during that time we learned the hard way that good tools can make all the difference. If you click any of the links below, we’ll receive a small cut of your purchase price, but we’re recommending these products because we or a friend have used them with good results.

Automatic chicken door
$206.94, premade.
$136.95, DIY kit.If you need to shut your chickens in every night to protect them from
predators, these automatic doors save loads of time.
Chicken tractor
Catawba Coop
$19.99 for complete plansThis is a great tractor for suburbanites who have to ensure their flock
is photogenic enough to make it past the neighborhood association.To make your tractor even more efficient, check out this customer’s winter base and wheel lift add-ons.  (No cost for the add-on plans.)

Chicken nipplesDIY chicken waterers start with quality chicken nipples. We recommend these chicken nipples for mounting in the bottom of buckets and these for side-mount applications.



Happy chicken-keeping!

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