Poultry litter biochar

chicken manure
is a good idea, but the scientists at Virginia Tech
came up with a more unique solution with a lot of potential. 
They’re experimenting with turning poultry litter into biochar, which
will make it easy to move the valuable fertility out of regions with a
glut and into areas where the nutrients will be appreciated.

I’ve embedded a video in
this post that gives all of the nitty gritty information on poultry
litter biochar.  Over on our homesteading
, I’ve been posting more basic information on biochar
all week.  If you aren’t already familiar with the concept, you
might want to check out that introductory information before watching
this video.  Then come back here to see a real innovative solution
to an environmental problem.

Our homemade chicken
is another
innovative solution, this time to the problem of filthy water in
traditional chicken waterers.

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