Early spring chicken tasks

Fence repair

Winter is a bit of a
holding pattern in the world of chickens.  With our laying flock
in the
woods, all I have to do is drop
off some feed and scraps, make sure it doesn’t get too cold for their
, top off the
, and collect
the eggs.  But soon we’ll want to move the flock back into the
pastures, so Mark’s been
some damage
where heavy snow knocked down a gate and fenceline.

Hatching eggs

At the same time, I’ve
already got eggs for the first round of spring broilers in the
incubator.  I was going to hatch
them a bit later, but a friend and I are swapping chicks so I moved up
my hatch to match her schedule.  I’m giving her some of my
homegrown birds and she’s letting me in on her hatchery order — I’m
hoping three Pearl White Leghorns and three Red Stars will provide more
egg-laying genetics

Of course, the other big
task for spring is deciding about our
coop renovation
and/or nomadic
.  I’m
still vacillating, but maybe next week I’ll have something to report?

Our chicken waterer makes care of the backyard
flock clean, easy, and fun.

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