gallon tank waterer

Homemade chicken waterer using an elevated 55 gallon tank and a pipe with nipples.

I posted about Diane
chick waterer

earlier, but I thought you’d also like to see her setup for the adult
poultry.  This is a very elegant solution for the farmer who
really doesn’t want to have to worry about her chickens’ water on a
daily basis (or her ducks’ water, as the case may be.)

Diane built a tower to
elevate a 55 gallon drum, into which she installed a 2-way valve. 
She emailed:

side of the valve feeds water to the 2″ pvc pipe with 3 nipples via
a length of hose.  Gravity does all the work.  The other
valve is the
inlet to simply connect the garden hose for no-mess filling or flushing.

Homemade duck watererThe
other image shows her ducklings, now six weeks old, drinking from one
end of the waterer in the big picture.  She wrote: “The hanging
chain can quickly be adjusted up as the ducklings grow bigger.”

Diane is clearly a
poultry lover, and also a great DIYer.  She finished her email
with this note:

Additonally, we have a similar DIY setup
in the barn, except there are six valves on the 55-gallon drum,
providing water to 4 brooders, the ducks’ night pen, and the 6th valve
is used to either fill or flush the drum.  This setup also
includes a handy water level indicator on the outside.

I would have submitted a picture of
this also, but it is a very poopy picture!!!  The chickens and
guineas roost in the rafters directly above the drum and hoses! 
Plus, it’s very difficult to get a clear photo of the waterers inside
of the brooders in the barn, the lighting is just not good
enough.  You’d be impressed, though!

Diane is right — I’m
very impressed.  Thanks for sharing this great setup!

If anyone else wants to
follow in Diane’s footsteps, our
10 pack
DIY chicken waterer kit
is a great place to start.

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