Winter storms change chicken habitat

100-year flood

I was glad that I’d not
the chickens with greenery
, but also refreshed the deep
bedding, because the third week in January was not a good time for
chickens to play outdoors.  First we had an endless cold rain that
flood nearly at the 100-year flood mark
(and nearly reaching the
chicken coop).  Next, eight inches of wet snow fell in a couple of
hours and
out our power

Our chickens’ usual hunting grounds became a snowy, flooded swamp.

Snowy swamp

Cooped up chickensAlthough our rooster did lead
his ladies outside during breaks in the rain, once the frozen flakes
started hitting the ground, he threw in the towel and gave the hens the
rest of the week off.  They kept laying, but stayed inside,
pecking through the debris on the floor of the coop.

If our winters were
regularly this snowy, I suspect we’d change our housing arrangement,
building a bigger, sunny coop that could keep the flock busy even when
the weather is dreary.  For now, though, the biggest issue was
having to remember that our
didn’t work
without power, so I switched over to a
I could
easily carry inside to stay thawed overnight.  Our chickens didn’t
seem phased by the shift at all.

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