Easter hunt

Can you see the chicken tractor in this picture?I’m
the official
Every morning, I tug the
tractors to a new patch of ground, often just a few feet over.  In
the spring, though, I’m
the chickens to work up new ground
, so
sometimes I move a tractor all the way across the garden.  One
day, I moved the Barred Rocks from the front garden down past the
trailer and fruit trees, then over the hill at the end of the mule

A few hours later, Mark
came to me with a puzzled look on his face.  “Anna, where is the
Barred Rock tractor?” he asked.

“Oh, I decided we should
celebrate Easter a little differently this
year,” I replied.  “Rather than hiding eggs, I’m hiding chickens!”

forget to give your chickens a treat on Easter — an automatic chicken waterer
should do the trick.

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