Cultivating duckweed for chickens

Raising duckweed in a kiddie poolEver
since I stumbled across it on the internet, I’ve been intrigued by the
idea of
duckweed to our chickens
.  We don’t want to
build any fancy infrastructure until we know whether duckweed will
work, so I just got a start of duckweed from my mother’s pond and put
it in a kiddie pool full of water.  I know from experience that
duckweed reproduces very quickly, so I hope to be harvesting some of
the leaves within a month or two.

I dropped a bit of duckweed in one of the chicken tractors. 
Disappointingly, our hens seemed quite uninterested…probably because
I’d just fed them laying pellets then a bunch of grubs I dug out of the
garden.  I’ll have to try again when they’re actually
hungry.  I may also try drying the duckweed to make it more

Looking for a healthy treat
for your chickens?  Fresh water is always in style.  Make a
homemade chicken
and give
your girls clean water all the time.

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