Homemade chick waterer

Chick brooder made out of a cardboard box with homemade chicken waterer

I like the simplicity of
many of our customers’
chick brooder setups.  Clearly, our homemade chicken
fit into
the systems easily, keeping the brooders dry while using up very little
space.  Here’s what Nicki from Wisconsin had to say about her
homemade waterer (pictured above):

It took about five seconds for the chicks
to figure out what they were doing with the nipple.
  We tied the bottle to a chair leg
and hung it over the box. We nearly had a stampede to get to it and
play in the water!


We still have a water bottle waterer
for the chicken walker/cage that we push around the yard for
them.  We
have a dog that “Plays” with them to death hence the need for the
chicken walker.

Half grown chicks drinking from a homemade bucket waterer

Thanks so much for your great
product!  Enjoy the pictures.

The image to the right shows
Jamie David’s half-grown chicks, upgraded to a
bucket waterer.  Meanwhile, lest you
think that only chickens can take to our waterer, two of our customers
sent in photos of other types of poultry in action.  The image on
the left below shows two day old ducklings and guinea keets drinking
from Diane Watson’s waterer.  She emailed that the waterer is made
“using a 4″ pvc pipe cap as the reservoir.  It holds a quart of
water, easily refills from the top, and does not take up valuable
brooder floor space.”  On the right, you see Barbara’s two week
old chicks and guinea keets drinking from her own homemade chick

Ducklings, keets, and chicks drinking from homemade chicken waterers

If you’re looking
for a quick, easy, and effective waterer for your brooder, the best way
to start is with one of our
DIY chicken waterer

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