Introducing the EZ Miser

Every year, I’ve updated
DIY instructions
to include
more tips from the field, but our original pre-made waterer has
largely stayed the same.  At long last, Mark and I felt we’d
come up with a way to make an even better waterer that would be
easier to fill, easier to mount, and would keep your chickens
drinking clean even if
you fill their waterer with creek water (like we do).  The
result was the
EZ Miser EZ Miser— a totally new premade waterer!

To thank our loyal
readers and fans, we’re offering the EZ Miser for $58 (with free
shipping) this week only.  You’ll be receiving a waterer with
the capacity of three of our Avian Aqua Miser Originals, along
with all of the perks of the new product.  Please consider
giving it a try, and spreading the word to your chicken-keeping
friends!  And do drop back by to let us know what you think
— your suggestions are what makes the next generation of our
products even better.

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