Best automatic chicken feeder

Treadle chicken feederIf you’re looking for an
automatic chicken feeder, you’re probably trying to solve several
problems at once.  Automatic feeders make it easier to leave the
flock alone for a few days (or just to cut back on your chicken
chores), but poorly designed feeders introduce a slew of other problems
such as spoiled, spilled, or stolen feed.  The feeders profiled
here are the best I’ve seen so far for preventing automatic feeder


The majority of our
readers agree that
chicken feeders
the best option if you have the cash (or time to build your own. 
Linda Cariri took the photo above of her hen eating from Grandpa’s
Feeder ($210).

PVC chicken feederOther purchased options
pet feeders and the cheap gravity feeders you can find in most feed
.  The
previous link also includes a lot of tips for making low budget options
less wasteful of feed.

gravity feeders

Darren Simmons’ PVC
pipe feeder
to the left) is the winner of our
chicken feeder contest
because we feel like it is easily replicable
and will do the job better than any of the other options.  Follow
the link for complete construction tips.

Homemade gravity chicken feeder

Alternatively, if you
simply want to save some cash and are willing to put up with the
problems posed by cheap gravity feeders,
homemade versions

may hit the spot.  Or check out this
gravity chicken feeder

best is yet to come?

Even though I like the
automatic chicken feeders that have come across my desk so far, I think
an even better solution is out there.  If you’ve found it, feel
free to email your design to so we can show it to our
readers.  Thanks for sharing!

Be sure to round out your
low-work chicken coop with an
automatic chicken waterer, available with heated
options for easy winter care.

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