Introduction to chicken tractors

Chicken tractor

We firmly believe that automatic chicken waterers
and chicken tractors go hand in hand since they both keep your chickens
happy and healthy.  Every time we see chickens in a conventional
coop setting, we cringe, but we realize that it can be a bit daunting
for first-timers to build a chicken tractor from scratch.  It’s
really not so hard, though, and can be surprisingly cheap — Mark
built our most recent chicken tractor for under $20.

During the three years
that we’ve lived on the farm, Mark has built
five chicken tractors.  In the process, he’s learned a lot,
documenting most of that information on our
homesteading blog
I’m going to be summarizing the most relevant bits of information from
that blog on
this blog over the next month or so.  Now is the perfect time to
start thinking about next year’s chickens.  Why not curl up with a
hot cup of cocoa and plan a chicken tractor while you’re at it?

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