Automatic chicken waterers make trips easy

Chicken tractor with two automatic chicken waterers.Although their cleanliness is a bonus, I have
to admit that my favorite part of Mark’s
automatic chicken waterer
invention is the way they allow us to take trips away from the farm
without worrying.  When we used traditional chicken waterers a
couple of years ago, I was afraid to leave our girls unattended for
more than a day at a time.  Now, we have no problem spending up to
four days away from home.

It’s pretty simple to
know how long your Avian Aqua Miser will last.  Each chicken
drinks a little less than half a cup on a cool day, but I like to
figure a cup or two a day apiece just to be on the safe side.  A
pre-made Avian Aqua Miser holds 16 cups, so it will safely water one
bird for at least 8 days.  We throw an extra waterer in each
tractor when we’re heading out of town, but if you’ve made a
bucket waterer
you may not need to add any extra water at all.  Wouldn’t it be
nice to make those holiday visits without worrying about your chickens
going thirsty?

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