No-perch waterer

Chicken nipple waterer

Anti-perch chicken watererOur chicken waterer is POOP-free…where the
chickens drink.  But if you’re not careful, your birds will perch
on top of the waterer and you’ll still end up dealing with feces. 

That’s why I enjoyed
Robert’s waterer, which he describes below:

I own
a business making water bottles for parrots, the Bird Butler.  I have had chickens
for several years and my wife saw your chicken valves on
Pinterest.  I ordered 10
and thought that you might be interested in the waterer
that I came up with.

It obviously holds 5 plus gallons of water very securely.  The
pipe is schedule 40 PVC, but is clear so that you can see the water
inside the pipe.  There are also threaded plugs in each end in
case you need to clean out the pipe.

The pipe stays level during use, but if a chicken tries to perch on it,
due to the pipe being held in the middle with flexible plastic tubing,
the entire pipe will tip over, Pipe fittingthrowing the chicken off.

I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have.  It
certainly makes chicken raising much cleaner and enjoyable.

Thanks for sharing,
Robert!  Your parrot waterers look just as ingenious as your
incarnation of our do it yourself kit.

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