Rooster saves family

Rooster saves family by waking the up

A stray rooster wandered onto
Krueger’s farm
this past year. At first his dogs cornered it under
some machinery, but this chicken was smarter than your average farm dog
and managed to migrate itself over to the Krueger home, where his wife
immediately recognized how special the chicken was and adopted him as
the new house pet alongside their two cats.

I’m sure the cats were less
than thrilled to have a new brother, but the Krueger’s owe their lives
to the vigilance of their pet chicken. A few weeks ago a large fire
broke out in their home and the smoke detectors failed. You guessed it.
Their pet chicken knew something was wrong and alerted the couple in
enough time to escape with the chicken and one of the cats.

How smart are chickens? Smart
enough to know when to unleash their not so subtle alert when a
situation gets dangerous, and their battery never needs to be changed.

Image credit goes to Didactohedron
at Wikipedia also known as

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