winter chicken photo contest

Wet chickens

Whether your ground
freezes solid or you’re just dealing with cold rain, winter can be a
tough time for chickens and chicken keepers.  Our winter photo
contest asks you to illustrate happy chickens in the cold weather.

Leafy greens for chickensDo you bring your flock leafy greens or homegrown worms?  Have you come up with a great heated chicken waterer?  Do all of your feathered friends spend the winter in your greenhouse or garage, or maybe perching on your horse’s back?

Snap a shot and drop me a line with your answer and you might win our chick bundle
— two premade chicken waterers perfect for getting chicks off to a
good start, or for keeping your adult flock hydrated, a $90 value. 
The second-place
winner will choose between a 2 pack EZ Miser kit or a 5 pack Avian Aqua Miser original kit with drill bit

The fine print: All entries
must reach my inbox ( by Sunday (January 19) at midnight.  Be
sure to send photos one at a time if they’re larger than 2 MB
Grand prizeapiece. 
You can enter as many pictures as you want, but all of your photos will
be merged into one entry.  All photos and text will
become the property of Anna Hess, which means I might share them
with readers via our blogs or ebooks.

How to win: The winners will be chosen by votes from our readers.  I’ll post each entry on our blog and on facebook,
and each like or comment on facebook and each like on the blog will
count as one vote for that entry.  All votes must be in by January
25 at midnight.

I look forward to seeing how your chickens thrive in the cold!

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