Self-filling bucket waterer

Self-filling bucket chicken watererGreg Whitmore from The Round Rock Funny Farm turned one of our homemade chicken
waterer kits
into an
elegant, self-filling bucket waterer.  I’ve included one of his
photos here, but you should definitely go check out
blog post
, which
lists the specific hardware he used to create his waterer.

Meanwhile, we got this
cheerful email from another customer:

I want to say thanks you for getting my order to me lickety-split!
The DIY kit arrived in the mail the day after I ordered!

I’ve made two waterers out of old cat litter jugs and I *love* them. No more bursting
waterers as I carry them over the hill (which happened an hour before I
placed my order….) and I can screw the cap down for carrying then
loosen it to prevent a vacuum seal forming. The chickadoos figured it
out pretty quick and I can already see that the hens are being nicer to
the little cockerels. (Perhaps Mr. Naked Bottom will get to have
feathers after all?)  Between the waterer and scattering their
daily food ration the feather picking is very nearly ended in just a few days.

Yep… you know what I’ll be giving all my chicken friends for Christmas
this year!

Gratefully Yours,

April Young
Stratheden Farm
Floyd, VA

Thanks for your kind
words, April, and for your ingenuity, Greg!  You both made our day!

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