The physics of egg cleaning

clean eggs in a carton

The internet has a lot of
poor information on backyard egg cleaning.

Jen Pitino of the Urban
Chicken Podcast
does an
excellent job of sorting through this jungle of information in episode
13 of what is now my favorite poultry podcast.

She includes a link to over a
dozen online articles she used for this exhaustive report on the
physics of egg washing. We never wash our eggs. In my opinion the best
way to keep your eggs clean is to not let them get dirty through proper
roost placement and coop management.

We do get the really poopy
egg every now and then, but I usually save it for our dog Lucy and add
it on top of her dinner. Sometimes she’ll wait for Anna to pull the
chicken tractor to a new spot and actually eat some of the fresh
chicken droppings. Gross?….yeah…but I’m sure she knows what she’s

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