Chicken cam

Chick camIf
you need a cute time drain during your work day, you might want to drop
by our new
chicken cam.  We currently have the
lens trained on our six week old chicks (who are starting to look more
like young chickens).  We’ll be swapping things around in late
April when our next set of chicks hatch, at which point there will be
much more fluff on screen.

We’ve kept the chick cam
in the
because that’s the area that sees the most action, but we’re
also open to suggestions.  Would you rather watch the chicks forage
in the forest pasture
even if the view was chick-free for about 60% of the time?  We
could even point the camera at the
chicken waterer, but that seemed a little too
self-serving.  You tell us what you’d like to see!

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