Pearl Leghorns win the early-laying race by a landslide

Cardboard nest box

Pullet eggWe added two kinds of hybrids (Pearl White
Leghorns and Red Stars) to our flock this year specifically to
increase our egg production.  I knew they’d start to lay
young, but I wasn’t quite prepared to see pullet eggs from the
Leghorns on the coop floor when the ladies were only barely four
months old!

When it’s completed,
become these ladies’ new abode, and we’ve got big plans for making
an external nest box to expedite egg-gathering there.  For
now, though, I just put a cardboard box full of straw in the
broiler coop to catch these early eggs and keep them off the

Good job, girls!

An automatic chicken
is essential for laying hens, who need extra
hydration to built eggs for your breakfast.

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