Nineteenth century chickens

Woodcut of White Dorkings, Poland Fowls, Creoles or Bolton Grays, Cochin Chinas, Gray Game Fowls, Hamburg Fowls, and Bantams

Over on my homesteading
blog, I’ve been reviewing a fun pamphlet about
New England gardens

In the process, I started looking
through images on Old Sturbridge Village’s website, and came across
of chickens from 1866

that I just had to share.  The key lists the varieties as follows:

White Dorkings
2. Poland Fowls
3. Creoles or Bolton Grays
4. Cochin Chinas
5. Gray Game Fowls
6. Hamburg Fowls
7. Bantams

The artist seemed to
like chickens with fuzzy heads — I have no clue if that was
widespread at the time, but it sure looks funny.

The past is fun, but
don’t forget those modern conveniences.  Our
automatic chicken water
ensures that your flock has clean water, even if you go out of town for
the weekend.

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