I wish I d known how loud chickens are

Noisy chickensMason’s big
surprise when he started keeping chickens
was the noise
level.  He wrote:

“For me, the one thing I wish I knew was how
loud the hens can be. We live in the city and thought that if we
didn’t have a rooster we would be in the clear for noise.

“For Leah, she wished she knew how destructive they can be on a
yard and garden.

“Love your blog. My fiance and I are in Louisville, Kentucky, and
I keep her up to date on all the happens going on at your
homestead. We started a nonprofit louisvillegrows.org
about four years ago and going strong.”

I can totally relate
to Mason’s point, especially this year.  Our current batch of
pullets seems to think they need to tell the world about every egg
they lay.  Since we average ten a day at the moment, that’s
one noisy flock!

Help your chickens
keep those vocal cords hydrated with a
POOP-free chicken waterer.

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