Chicken photo contest reminder

Silver Grey DorkingsWhen
I sent out an email reminding our past chicken waterer customers that
photo contest

deadline is coming up on September 21, the entries came pouring
in.  The photos were wonderful, but many of them also came with
stories that I can’t help sharing with you.  I’ll be regaling you
with customer images and tales over the next few weeks — enjoy!

To get you started, here
are a couple of the most beautiful photos we’ve received so far. 
The top one is from Stuart Liptay, who wrote:

have been using the waterers for about a month now and the Dorks have
taken to them nicely.  As you can see from the photos, I’ve
attached the devices to pop bottle caps, so when a bottle becomes
dirty, into the recycling it goes and a fresh one is put up, and the
cap is reused.  Our chickens are Silver Grey Dorkings (an English
heritage breed), and in the photos are Sir Henry Dorking and Miss
Henrietta Dorking.

Hanging chicken waterer

Meanwhile, Jennifer
Wallace sent me several beautiful photos of her son’s flock —
polish/americana, barred rock, buff orphingtons and banties.  I
believe that both of the photos I loved so much are of the banties,
although I’m not positive.

Rooster below a homemade chicken waterer

Keep those images rolling in!

easiest way to make your own chicken waterer is to start with one of
homemade chicken

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