I wish I d known chickens were so easy

Hen coop wagonWant to win a free EZ Miser?  Our “I wish I’d
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by Kenny Vaught:

“I wished I’d known that chickens
were so very easy to keep from the onset.  Coop and run
through a rough, snowy winter.  Portable coop and
electro-net fence in the non-winter months.  Easy
peasy!  Kitchen scraps transformed to wonderful eggs and
many a laugh at the developing hens along the way.”

Kenny went on to give
more information about his “Hencoopwagon” in his email:

“The red roofing panel was the key to the
design.  I re-purposed the rolling gear from an old lawn
tractor and the lumber is 10+year old 5/4″ x 6” decking lumber I’d
utilized to build horse fencing.  We no longer have horses
and the boards were just hanging out there, getting in the way and
looking “rural”.  I made the open lattice for the floor to
allow manure to drop through and the side access nesting boxes are

What do you wish
you’d known about chickens when you first got started that you
know now?  You have until August 25 to enter the contest, but
you can always leave a note in the comments below.

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