chicken photo contest

Chicken bucket watererIt’s time
to pull out those cameras and turn into a wildlife photographer! 
Submit your photos for a chance to win a
10 pack
DIY chicken waterer kit
.  This kit is my
favorite size since it allows you to create four bucket waterers,
enough to keep most flocks hydrated during a long weekend trip out of

Deadline: September 21, 2010

Entry instructions:
Email up to three digital photos to
Your photos should be no more than 4 MB in size, and if they’re large
please send one per email.  If you win, we’ll email you back to
ask for your mailing address.

What we’re looking for:
We’ll judge the photos based on artistic merit, how cute we think your
birds are, and how interesting your setup is.  Did you find a
unique way to hang your waterer, or did you put together your DIY kit
in a special way?  Did you train your peacocks or rabbits to drink
out of
your waterers along Homemade chicken watererwith your hens?  You don’t need to have
an Avian Aqua Miser to enter — we’re also interested in photos of
other homemade, gravity-feed, nipple-based watering systems.  The
photos on this post were last year’s winners, if that helps you figure
out what we’re looking for.

Prizes: One grand prize
winner will receive a 10 pack DIY chicken waterer kit, along with the
bonus ebooks and video.  Several other
honorable mention winners will be showcased on our website.

The fine print:
All photos entered in our contest become the property of Anna Hess and
Mark Hamilton.  We don’t care if you use them for other things; we
just want the right to put them up on our website.  Our chickens
are cute, but we’d really like to see other people’s poultry in action,
and to see how our diy kits morph in other people’s hands.

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