I love the nipples but the chickens love them more

Chicks drinking from a bucket watererJamie
from Alaska sent me a photo of his new
bucket waterer in action.  He wrote:

I got the chicken nipples
yesterday.  I immediately took a break at work and went out and
hooked them up.  The chickens went right up to them & were
fighting over them!  It was great!  I sent you a picture of
them.  Thanks for the great product!  They only took a week
to get here first class, which is really fast for Alaska.

Meanwhile, Louisa pulled
out a stopwatch, then emailed to say:

just wanted to let you know that I received my kit on Friday.  I
was so excited!  Well today while I was at work my husband put the
chicken nipple on a water bottle.  I put it the cage with my 6
week old chicks and I timed them to see how long it would take them to
figure it out.  I was shocked, 1:38 seconds!  Thanks for the
great idea.

David wrote in too:

thought I would take the time to tell you that I love the Nipples but
my chickens love them more.  My egg production increased slightly
and I save better than an hour and a half each day now that I have
eliminated the scrubbing of the water feeders.  I am able to give
them fresh water daily.

Thanks for reporting in,
everybody!  If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, our
homemade chicken
kits are
extremely affordable, and — as David says — your chickens will love
them even more than you do.

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