Homemade chicken waterer reservoirs

Turning a traditional waterer into a nipple-based watererWhat
kind of container can you use to turn our
homemade chicken
waterer kit
into a
poop-free waterer?  Just about anything.  Molly sent me this
photo along with a brief note:

that’s just a regular 3-gallon waterer that my husband and I got
disgusted with.  We took off the red base, installed the nipples
and drilled an additional hole through the handle to insert a wire
hanging loop. Everyone loves it, humans and chickens alike.  Now
that we don’t have poopy water to deal with anymore, life with chickens
is almost too easy.  Thanks very much for this great product!

Vinegar jug waterer

Isn’t that a great way
to change over to clean water without sending your old waterer to the

Meanwhile, Amber sent in
this photo showing her pullets drinking out of a vinegar bottle
waterer.  She wrote:

was taken when we first introduced our chickens to the new
waterer.  They love it and so do I!  Thanks for such a great

Thanks to both Molly and
Amber for sharing your ingenuity!

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