Chicken season is nearly underway

Chicken waterer workshop

Although winter is still picking up steam, we’re preparing for spring in our chicken-waterer
workshop.  Some folks wait until the last minute to get into
chickens, but people who want their first-choice varieties from the
hatcheries tend to place their orders right around now, and then they
turn to us looking for clean water solutions around February.  If
you’re like us and
incubate your own eggs,
you’ve got a little extra time, but I like to fire up the incubator by
the middle of February for our first round of spring chicks as
well.  In other words, this is your reminder — now’s the time to
order chicks and the relevant supplies (and you might as well place your
vegetable seed order now too)!

Flock of Five

In addition to making
waterers and kits, Mark and I spend a few days at this time of year
tweaking our product line.  We have a few more possible changes
coming down the pipe, but we’re already letting our customers save a bit
more with special bundles:

  • 5 Avian Aqua Miser Originals for the price of 3 — This is the perfect option for those of you with complex flocks in multiple runs, coops, and tractors.  Save $30!
  • $5 savings when you order an EZ Miser and an Avian Aqua Miser Original together
    — This is great for people starting chicks since the Avian Aqua Miser
    Original fits into even the smallest brooder, then you can advance to
    the EZ Miser once your chicks (and their appetite for water) grow.

To take advantage of either of these offers, head to our Avian Aqua Miser Original page and look for the Flock of Five and the Chick Bundle.

We really appreciate your continued patronage of our mom-and-pop business!

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