Good foraging chicken varieties

Ranging chickens from Mother Earth NewsThe current edition of Mother
Earth News
has a
thought-provoking article about the best
chicken breeds for various purposes
.  Over 1,000 readers rated
chicken breeds on a variety of scales, then the editors compiled the
most popular breeds for egg production, meat, and more.

If you’ve been reading
about our forest pasture experiment, you know I flipped straight to the
section on free range ability. 
Earth News
Cubalayas and Jungle Fowl as the best foraging breeds, although they
also noted that neither chicken variety is particularly good for either
eggs or meat.  Other good foragers included Catalana, Old English
Game, Hamburg, Minorca, and Malay, but the article didn’t note
whether these varieties are good for other purposes.  If our Dark
don’t live up to expectations, I might have to give some of
these a try.

99 cent pasture ebookMeanwhile, none of you
have given me any data for my 
foraging poll

Come on, guys!  I know that at least a few of you must have raised
your chickens entirely or primarily on forage.  Don’t leave me
hanging here!

But do hang an automatic chicken waterer in your coop or tractor and
give your chickens POOP-free water.

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