Clean water is essential for chicks

Even day old chicks can drink from our automatic chicken waterer.Although
clean water is important for all chickens, it becomes essential for
chicks.  In addition to the health hazard from dirty water, chicks
are prone to fall into even very shallow bowls of water and drown.

I’d been tempted to
order some chicks to test them on our
automatic chicken waterer, but I couldn’t quite figure
out what to do with the extra eggs that would ensue.  Luckily, one
of our customers decided to take the plunge and try it out
herself.  Last week, I got the following email:

O Happy Day Anna!

Day old chicks WILL drink out of
chicken nipples! I’ll send pictures later! Also will be posting about
this on my blog & adding a link to y’all on my web site. We are
incredibly impressed!

I’m thrilled to know
that even day old chicks will drink out of the Avian Aqua Miser. 
Thanks for trying it for us, Titus!

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