Friendly chickens part

AustralorpsThis is what it looks like
when I go out to the chicken pasture:  The
and Cuckoo Marans
come running but keep their distance just in case I decide to eat them
instead of feed them.  Meanwhile, the Light
around my legs and start pecking at my boots just in case that speck of
mud is actually food.

I’ve written previously
about how
chicken breeds seem to be much friendlier than others
.  At the time, I
couldn’t quite decide which behavior was preferable, but I think I’ve
made up my mind — I like the shy birds.  Friendly chickens get
underfoot, don’t learn when you chase them out of the garden, and spend
their energy focusing on you rather than hunting for wild food.

Of course, if I lived on
a postage stamp suburban lot, I’d probably change my tune and choose
the friendly birds.  But for now, I’m 75% certain our Sussex
chickens are going into the stew pot when culling time comes around
next year…if not before.

Our chicken waterer gives the flock something to
peck at…rather than each other.

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