Five gallon bottle chicken waterer

Bird bath chicken watererI couldn’t decide whether to
put Nan’s
entry in the
Ingenious or Artistic
, so it’s a
runnerup in both.  Here’s what Nan has to say:

“I made a 5 gallon waterer from an old
water bottle (I didn’t steal it!) and a discarded bird bath.  I
drilled out a hole for the nipple and found that the bird bath was a
bit too tall for my birds.  I added the wood blocks for them to
stand on and it works just fine.

“Five gallons lasts my 5 hens at
least 3 weeks, so it’s very care-free.  If I get some algae build
up, I wash out my water bottle with gravel!  It scours the insides
and rinses out really clean. I love my miser and so do my beloved

I wish we’d had enough
prizes to give you one too, Nan — I really like your waterer. 
Thanks for sharing!

Our DIY chicken waterer
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