Even recalcitrant chickens learn on the second day

Ed from Texas emailed to let
me know that he’d put together a video of his chickens drinking from
his brand new
bucket waterer.  He also mentioned
that his birds had been a bit afraid of the waterer at first, even
though he tempted them closer with cheerios, spinach, and finally a
plate of water underneath.  He wrote:

morning I worked a couple of times with them coaxing them over. 
The trick was holding the nipple up so one chicken saw the steady
stream of water dripping from it.  They came over to look at it
and after I stepped away, they figured it out.

Last year, we had
several people return their waterers claiming that their chickens
couldn’t figure out how to drink.  This year, though, people seem
to trust us more, and are willing to give the waterer a second shot
even if their chickens are more recalcitrant than the average bird (who
usually picks the new watering method up in less than an hour.)

Thanks for giving it
another go, Ed!  Your chickens will thank you too — but you have
clearly figured that out already, since you already ordered another
chicken waterer

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