Low budget automatic chicken feeder

Automatic chicken feederIn addition to experimenting
to see
much you can tilt chicken nipples
, Michael also cobbled
together a very nice automatic feeder for less than $6.  He wrote:

The important part is the roof vent from a
4″ water heater vent turned upside down and screwed to a board to keep
it from being over-turned by the chickens….I was buying parts for the
building I’m putting up near Burbank and saw this vent
thingie….nearby was an adaptor to go from 4″ to 5″ and then the weird
cap was from an old floor furnace exhaust vent that I took from the
house when I put in Central Heat this winter. I needed something to
cover the open “top” to keep the rain and mice out and that old vent
top just fit. What luck.

I’ll send another photo of a feeder I
made from stuff at the second-hand store – $2 worth of candy dish and a
plastic basket….Nothing’s too good for these chickens!

We posted a couple of
years ago about a
pipe automatic feeder

and would love to hear from readers who have made other easy (and
cheap) feeders.

Meanwhile, don’t forget
to try out
automatic chicken waterer to expedite the other half
of your daily chicken chores.

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