Chicken winter quarters The greenhouse

Chickens in a greenhouse

I wrote a couple of
weeks ago about
Ussery’s tips for keeping your chickens healthy and happy in the winter
.  I thought you might
like to see another, related method, this one by
at Trapper Creek

The blog’s author raises her chickens in an unheated greenhouse in the
winter, and all that brightness and warmth keeps her flock laying
straight through the cold season.

Chickens eating cabbageAlthough her flock isn’t able
to free range, I suspect her birds are just as happy as ours. 
Throwback at Trapper Creek’s chickens scratch through deep bedding
(which consists of the shavings from her dairy cow’s stall, along with
lots of straw), and she also provides plenty of garden debris like
cabbage leaves and carrot tops.  She lives in the Pacific
Northwest where you can eat greens, carrots, and more all winter if you
play your cards right, and she does.

If you have a hoop house
or greenhouse that sits vacant through the winter, perhaps you should
follow her lead?  Being warm and dry will make your flock so
happy, they probably won’t mind not getting to wade through winter mud
in their pastures.

Our chicken waterer never spills or fills with

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