Chicken tractor season

Oilseed radishes for the chickens

As much as I’ve enjoyed having a pair of tractored chickens again,
I have to admit that chicken tractor season is just about over. 
With the first hard frost, all of the annual grasses and weeds died
back, leaving limited offerings for our tractored duo.  I’ve taken
to dropping off some greenery every day (chickweed is preferred, but
oilseed radishes will be accepted), but even so I suspect these girls
would be happier with more space to forage.

I originally put these two hens in the tractor due to excessive flock size leading to pecking order issues,
and I’m leery of throwing them back into the main coop without solving
that underlying issue.  Luckily, we’ll have a spare chicken coop in
a couple of weeks when the last round of broilers are done, so maybe
that will be these girls’ winter habitat?  I’ll miss having the
tractor around to fertilize the forest garden, though.

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