Chicken bucket waterer lid

Step by step photos to make a homemade chicken waterer lid.I always enjoy getting photos from our
customers, especially the ones who use some ingenuity when putting
together their
homemade chicken
.  Ruth
H. emailed me a couple of weeks ago with her method of keeping her
bucket waterer poop-free without making it hard to fill:

I wanted to share my idea for
the people who make their waterer out of the buckets at the hardware
store. In my case, it’s a 2 gallon bucket, but it’d be the same for a 5
gallon except it’d have a 3rd nipple.

I used a couple things I
found in the PVC pipe section of the hardware store to make an easy way
to refill the bucket. I don’t know the names of the items, though, lol.
It’s wide enough for me to insert my hand if need be, or to put in one
of those small water heaters they use for bird baths in the winter.

I know from experience
that the plastic lids they make for five gallon buckets can be a
serious pain to take off and put back on, so I think Ruth’s use of
plumbing pieces has real potential.
  Thanks for sharing,

Bucket waterer in a coop.

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