Do chickens get enough to drink with a nipple waterer

this method of water is working well for you and for many others, but
still it seems like the chickens would have a hard time quenching their
thirst if they just get one drop of water with every peck.  Or can
they get a constant stream if they keep their beak pushing against the
nipple – and if so, do they do that?
— Shirley

Homemade chicken watererYou’re
completely right that it takes chickens much longer to drink out of an
Avian Aqua Miser than a traditional waterer,
but I consider that a plus.  Unless your chickens are ranging over
a large
pasture, chances are they’re bored
and don’t have much to do with their time.  Studies have shown
are hard-wired to peck all day long
— in the wild, it would
take them that long to fill their bellies.  When given easy to
grab food, they usually eat it up within an hour and spend the rest of
the day with nothing to peck at…except each other.  That’s where
a lot of the

The Avian Aqua Miser
gives chickens something to do with their pecking instinct — they can
peck all day at the nipple rather than their neighbors.  The
result is healthy, happy chickens with

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