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Easter Egg Coloring

What better way to make a tribute to all the hens that provide us than to to color eggs and celebrate one of the great traditions of Easter!

Tip –
Add a teaspoon of baking soda to water before you bring to boil & that will help your eggs peel cleanly!


Chill your eggs!

We tried out an egg coloring option that involved whipped cream:

Heavily line a pan with whipped cream – YUM


Add food coloring of your choice – we went for a multicolor tie dye look!


Wash them off, lightly or more and Voila!

See the results & enjoy your Easter Eggs, whatever way you like them!

A brief history of chickens

Prairie chicken pipe

This Native American ceremonial pipe from nearly two thousand years ago doesn’t represent a domesticated chicken — just a prairie chicken. But it got me thinking about how deeply intertwined our lives are with the lives of our animals.

Animal domestication timeline

Chickens were late to the domestication party, but they’ve since been represented widely in art and cutlure.

Chickens in culture

Want to learn more about chickens past and present? Check out the online exhibit the image above came from at