Are chickens legal in town

City ChickensDo you dream of chickens but
assume they’re illegal in your city or suburban neighborhood? 
The City Chicken has
created a page compiling laws
from dozens of U.S. cities.

Laws range from simple:

Only 3 hens are allowed in Fairfield,
No roosters.

…to complex:

Asheville, NC.  Must have permit,
must keep chickens 100ft. from
neighboring households, chickens must be penned, the enclosure
by the City, and droppings must be “collected and sealed in a

…to just plain odd:

CA.  Not more than six animals in all, including hares,
rabbits, guinea pigs, feline, bovine, sheep, goat, chickens, turkeys,
ducks, doves, pigeons, game birds, or other fowl or any combination

(Six pigs or cows just
feels a lot different from six pigeons to me.  And I’m dying to
know whether an expecting family with four existing kids will get in
trouble if they end up with seven human animals in their household.)

For those of you with
restrictive laws, don’t lose heart!  As backyard chicken-keeping
becomes more and more widespread, city officials in many locations are
being swayed by citizens’ petitions.  I’d love to hear from anyone
who went to the zoning board with your chicken proposal and won the
right to keep city chickens.

Our chicken waterer is perfect for urban flocks
since it keeps the coop clean and dry.

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