Are backyard chickens a health risk

Free range chickensNews stories about the backyard chicken craze
sweeping the nation are nothing new, but the one in
Safety News
my eye.  Dan Flynn wrote:

Nor does food safety get brought up very
often.  Small poultry farms know their chickens might have
Salmonella or Campylobacter, and they know what to do about it. 
Will uninformed city folk mean backyard chickens will spread disease?

The Center for Disease
Control lists a bunch of tips for preventing the spread of disease from
chickens to humans, but the advice  can be summed up in seven
words: Don’t get chicken poop in your mouth.  If your daily
chicken care smells or looks nasty, chances are you’re putting yourself
at risk.

Although we didn’t set
out to clean up the act of backyard chicken keepers, lately I’ve been
realizing that the
Avian Aqua Miser serves that goal.  One
more reason to use
chicken tractors
or forest pastures and to delete that
conventional waterer ASAP.

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