Adjustable circle cutter

how to use an adjustable hole saw to make the perfect Avian Aqua Miser holder

An alternative to hanging the
Avian Aqua
is the above wood mounting.

I don’t think chickens care
much if it’s hanging or shelf mounted, but I think it’s a tiny bit
easier to access when you don’t have to find the hook in point.

The tool needed to make such
a precise big hole is called an adjustable circle cutter.

We used a drill press to make
ours, but I imagine it could be done with just a regular drill.

Set the depth to drill a
little past half way. Once the pilot bit makes a hole in the other side
flip the piece over and start the circle on the opposite side. The
circle size should be set on 2 and 3/16th’s which is the radius of the

I chose an 8 inch wide 1 inch
thick appearance board that can be found at most lumber stores. Add
some small shelf brackets and it’s ready to install. You might want to
add a layer of paint if it’s going to be exposed to the elements.

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