Revised chicken tractor wheel lift

Chicken tractor wheel lift

About a week after
sending me his plans for a
tractor wheel lift
Duncan emailed this addendum:

a little problem this morning when I moved the girls.

One of the 4 x 4 wood blocks where the wheel lift assy was attached to
the chicken tractor gave way. It was screwed and glued. (lot of torque
force on this part)

So back to the drawing board as they say. LOL!

Here is an updated “as built” drawing of what I did to fix the problem
and maybe a little better drawing of the assy as well.

I put two – 6″ x 1/2″ bolts and nuts on each side as shown in the
drawing. Confident now it will play nice.

The revised plans look
even better.  I hope some of you put them to use!

Our chicken waterer is perfect for chicken
tractors since it never spills on uneven terrain.

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