Power Plucker review

Power PluckerMark and I have used
everything from our bare hands (very laborious but free) to a Whiz-Bang
chicken plucker (very fast but very expensive) to process
poultry.  Lately, Mark’s been trying to figure out an option in
between the two, exploring

and a
plucker board
, both
of which speed up processing somewhat without breaking the bank. 
So when Eli Bruton offered to send us a
Power Plucker to review, I couldn’t resist.

The Power Plucker is a
drill attachment (corded drills are supposed to work better than
cordless, so that’s what we used), a bit like the
version you can make for $20
.  Since the Power
Plucker is only $30 with free shipping (and is built to last), it seems
like a very good deal.

We’ve only processed ten
birds with the Power Plucker so far, so I suspect we’ll continue
working the kinks out of the system, but my first reaction is that the
device is a great time-saver and does a much better job than the DIY
options we’d come up with so far.  No, you won’t get a perfectly
clean bird like you will in a Whiz-Bang plucker (assuming you’re a
Whiz-Bang pro — beginners often have to do a bit of hand-plucking
afterwards there too), but I was impressed by how well the Power
Plucker took even the pin feathers
Two person pluckingoff our well-scalded chickens
without tearing the skin at all.  I did go ahead and pull the big
wing and tail feathers by hand (which takes seconds), and am slowly
learning how to rotate the bird against the plucker to get the best

We haven’t mounted the
plucker yet, which would turn plucking into a one-person job, so Mark
simply held the drill on the edge of the porch while I moved the birds
around.  Unlike with the Whiz-Bang plucker, there didn’t seem to
be any need to spray the birds with water while plucking (although they
did come wet from their dunking in hot water), but Mark was much
happier once he donned safety glasses since his position seemed to get
a lot more feather-splatter than mine did.

Power-plucked chickenI suspect our plucked
carcasses will get even cleaner as we learn the best way to use the
Power Plucker.  That’s the one thing I think Eli should add to his
website — a longer video showing the plucker in operation so that our
learning curve would go a bit faster.  But I’m thrilled to have
been turned onto the product and would recommend it to anyone
processing one to a hundred birds a year.  Thanks for sharing, Eli!

Our chicken waterer is the low-work solution to
keeping clean water for your flock before they go in the pot.

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