EZ Miser photo contest

EZ Miser waterer in chicken pasture

Our EZ Miser is a bit
over a year old — time for a contest showing Mark’s newest invention
in action!  If you’ve bought either our
EZ Miser kit or our premade EZ Miser,
we want to see how your chickens have taken to their waterer. 
Have you plugged our EZ Miser spouts into the side of a rain barrel or
taught your show birds to drink?  Perhaps you’ve come up with a
unique mounting method like the Christmas tree stand above?  As
usual, we’ll judge based on both beauty and ingenuity, so whip out those
cameras and get your entries in ASAP!

The prizes: One first-place winner will receive our chick bundle
— two premade chicken waterers perfect for getting chicks off to a
good start, or for keeping your adult flock hydrated, a $90 value. 
The second-place
winner will choose between a 2 pack EZ Miser kit or a 5 pack Avian Aqua Miser original kit with drill bit.

The fine print: All entries
must reach my inbox (info@avianaquamiser.com) by Sunday (August 10) at midnight.  Be
sure to send photos one at a time if they’re larger than 2 MB apiece. 
You can enter as many pictures as you want, but all of your photos will
be merged into one entry.  All photos and text will
become the property of Anna Hess, which means I might share them
with readers via our blogs or books.  Thanks in advance for sharing your shots!

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