Pastured poultry in Kansas

Pastured chickens

At the Neuharth Family Farm in Kansas, Carolyn’s birds
not only enjoy clean water, they also have a a well-thought-out and
healthful living situation.  After considering the options, the
Neuharths decided that
chicken tractors

weren’t best suited for their farm.  Instead, they follow in
Andy Lee
and Patricia Foreman’s footsteps
, allowing their chickens to
free range around a stationary coop.

PVC chicken waterer

Carolyn sent me the
photos in this post as entries to our 
waterer photo contest

As you can see, her broilers get the best of everything, including
copious, POOP-free water.  If I lived in Kansas
(and didn’t grow my own), I’d definitely make an order for some
pastured poultry from the Neuharth farm!

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