Buff Orpington

Buff Orpington mother hen

Buff Orpington
roosterEdith’s portrayal of her Buff Orpington
chickens almost made me want to go out and get one.  She

“My favorite variety
is the Buff Orpington Heritage Chicken breed.  They 
originated in England, and became a distinct breed in 1901. 
I’m  English….

“The reasons are:

“They are large,
stately chickens with very good dispositions.  They are
gentle, and friendly.  I have not found a variety that states
so well

what good setters,
and Mothers they make.  The meat is very good, with white
flesh, and very juicy.  They lay an abundance of large brown

“I love the Roosters
because of their
dancing to attract the
Hens.  They
are beautiful birds, fun, and friendly.  I love the
way they watch over
their flock.  The Rooster will not tolerate any Hen
fights.  He jumps
right in between them to break it up.  They are
fun to watch.”

Cuddling chickens

Kathleen agreed,
although she was more concise:

“My favorite chicken
variety is the Buff Orpington.  The photo demonstrates why.
From age 8 to age 16 and still going, this is my son’s go-to hen
for a snuggle.”

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